The Cargo Agency Commissioner/Ombudsman has the following responsibilities:


·         to be familiar with Cargo Agency Conference resolutions, their related IATA publications in the public domain and with associated IATA administrative procedures

·         to evaluate and prioritize requests for action, with a view to securing prompt resolution of issues and efficient use of resources

·         to manage and coordinate the gathering and distribution of pre-hearing (or pre-review) information to the Parties, to secure efficient and timely process

·         to research any relevant requirements under applicable local law to ensure consistency with them

·         to arrange dispute reviews/hearings in a cost effective way, according to the wishes of the Parties

·         where agreeable to the Parties, and permissible by national law, to seek to mediate a commercial solution between them, and, as appropriate, record the result as a stipulated consent decision

·         to conduct reviews in accordance with either Resolution 811e or Resolution 811f, as amplified by the Commissioner’s published Rules of Practice & Procedure, taking into account national legal requirements

·         to render decisions promptly in writing, giving reasons for them

·        to offer pertinent comment to the Cargo Agency Conference, to IATA and FIATA Air Freight Institute

·         to publish to the stakeholders described in Resolution 811e, an annual report in writing describing the activities carried out by the Office of the Cargo Agency Commissioner/Ombudsman