The IATA Cargo Agency Conference Resolutions that apply to registered Intermediaries and to CASS Associates are published in the Cargo Agent's Handbook relevant to the geographical area concerned.  Below is summarized a selection of the most commonly encountered Resolutions published in the handbook.


Resolution 811d – Agency Commissioner/Ombudsman

                This resolution establishes the Office of Cargo Agency Commissioner/Ombudsman.  The incumbent is appointed by the IATA Director General and Chairman of the FIATA Airfreight Institute acting jointly  as stakeholders.  The industry funding arrangements for the Office are specified here.


Resolution 811e – Conduct of review by the Commissioner/Ombudsman

                The grounds and procedures for the Commissioner/Ombudsman to initiate and conduct reviews with respect to IATA Cargo Intermediaries and IATA are set out in this resolution, as are the possible courses that may be followed in arriving at review Decisions.


 Resolution 811f – Conduct of reviews by Commissioner for CASS Associates

                This resolution sets out the grounds and procedures for the Commissioner/Ombudsman to initiate and conduct reviews involving CASS Associates.


Resolution 801a (II) – Cargo Agency Agreement

                The form of Cargo Agency Agreement executed by IATA Registered Cargo Intermediaries is contained in this resolution. It is the key contractual document governing agent/airline relations under the IATA Cargo Agency Programme.


      Resolution 805zz – European Air Cargo Programme Rules & Cargo Intermediary Agreement

                These are the key contractual documents for IATA Cargo Intermediaries in the European Air Cargo Programme. 


  Resolution 809zz – Cargo Intermediary Agreement

                This is the key contractual document for the South West Pacific Cargo Agency Programme, as operated in Australia.


  Resolution 813zz – Cargo Intermediary Agreement

                This is the key contractual document for Air  Cargo Intermediaries in the Latin American Air Cargo Programme. 


Resolutions 801, 803, 805, 805zz, 807, 809, 809zz and 813zz – Cargo Agency Rules

                The various regional variations of the Rules applicable to Cargo Intermediaries appear in these resolutions.  Resolution 801, the general global resolution, Resolutions 803 (Canada), 805/805zz (Europe), 807 (China), 809 (South West Pacific except Australia), 809zz (Australia) and 813zz (Latin America and the Caribbean).

                The Cargo Agency Rules amplify the principles set out in the Cargo Agency/Cargo Intermediary Agreement.


Resolution 801r – Reporting and Remitting Procedures

                The basic reporting and remitting procedures applicable to Intermediaries and CASS Associates reporting and remitting through the Cargo Accounts Settlement System (‘CASS’) appear in this resolution.


Resolution 801re – Reporting and Remitting Procedures (European Common Aviation Area)

                This resolution applies to industry recognized Intermediaries and CASS Associates taking part in the European Air Cargo Programme for transactions reportable through CASS.


Resolution 817 – Financial Securities

                This resolution lays down rules and requirements concerning IATA recognized providers of financial securities on behalf of IATA Cargo Intermediaries and CASS Associates.


 Resolution 823 – Definitions of Terms used in Cargo Agency Conference Resolutions

                This resolution explains the terms of art used in the IATA cargo distribution system.


Resolution 851 – Cargo Accounts Settlement System

                 This is the enabling instrument for CASS in which paragraph 5 requires IATA registered Cargo Intermediaries to report and remit airfreight sales through CASS.  Paragraph 6 governs participation in CASS by CASS Associates and Appendices 'D1', 'D2' and 'D3' contain the respective regional forms of contractual agreement applicable to CASS Associates.  Appendix 'D4' spells out the global requirements applicable to CASS Associates.